Let me just start off by telling you what a sweet soul Cristelle is! Literally we have been trying to set up a shoot for so long and I'm so happy we got to make this vision happen! I have never been to Peter's Canyon before but let me tell you, it is beautiful! I feel like as photographers we get lost photographing the same places consistently! It's so freakin' fun to go out and scout new locations! I mean honestly, that's the best part of the job! Regardless I had a friggin' blast shooting with this girl! Ya'll know I love hats so why wouldn't this shoot come out AMAZING. Cristelle hyped me up this whole shoot and when I say HYPED I mean she literally its the kindest and most caring human being. I love being around people who give off that incredible positive energy and she is just one of those people! Cristelle, thank you for believing in me and trusting me with your vision! I hope we can shoot again soon!