Nancy & Alex

There's nothing like freezing your booty off while taking one of your best friends engagement photos! Seriously, so many laughs were had today and I'm still trying to get warm from the frostbite. I'm absolutely obsessed with how these photos came out, even though Alex was making funny faces in 90% of the photos. I think it's so important to actually have fun when you're shooting clients . Whether it's your best friend or someone you've never met before, it's absolutely essential to capture those true emotions! You can totally tell the difference when a photo is forced or "posed" and when it's just some humans having fun! People will always come to a shoot and ask me to tell them what to do and honestly most of the time I just tell them to feel the emotions they're feeling at that moment in time and let it flow. Be you and be comfortable with yourself! Of coarse I'm always there to offer help and direction when needed but once you start to loosen up I promise the photos are going to turn out 100% more beautiful than if I just sit there and pose you the whole session! I think this is why choosing the perfect photographer is SO important. You really do have to mesh with the person who's taking your photos, because for those two hours you're pretty much a couple of friends hanging out! If your photographer is awkward and makes you feel uncomfortable then that's never a good sign and it will show in the final result! Take your time and do your research! You want someone who loves what you love and wants to capture the day for YOU!